The Policy & Resources Committee shall be empowered to exercise and perform on behalf of the Council, all powers and duties of the Council in relation to the matters or premises listed below:


  • The democratic procedure
  • Prepare guidance for Mayoral responsibilities
  • Best Value
  • Approval of service level agreements
  • To respond to consultation documents and projects generated by other organisations (unless the nature of the consultation falls directly within the operational remit of another Committee)
  • Crime Prevention and Community Safety
  • Grants - to make payments of grants in accordance with Council policy and within the budget allocation
  • Mayoralty, Civic Events, Insignia & Plate including Town Crest
  • Communication & web site
  • Committee & Member Services
  • Legal Services
  • Financial procedures
  • Office Services
  • Personnel Services & Central Management
  • Flying Monk Playing Field
  • Market Cross
  • Town Hall and Offices within
  • Recommending policy to full council and reviewing existing policies
  • Standing Orders and the making of By-laws to Council
  • Financing projects


The Committee for 2019/20 is chaired by Cllr. Wayne Jones. The voting membership of the committee comprises:

  1. Cllr. Julie Exton
  2. Cllr. Gavin Grant (Vice Chair)
  3. Cllr. Fran Vandelli
  4. Cllr. Campbell Ritchie
  5. Cllr. Wayne Jones (Chair)
  6. Cllr. Kim Power
  7. Cllr. Helen Wallace
  8. Cllr. Phil Exton 

Meetings typically commence at 7pm and are held in the Malting Hall unless otherwise stated.

A calendar including dates of future meetings may be found in Committee Meetings.

To contact the committee, please contact our Committee Clerk. 

Please see below for Meeting Agendas, Reports and Minutes

  Date Agenda Reports Minutes
  11/03/2020 pdfAgenda pdfIT Tender  
  05/02/2020 pdfAgenda pdfCashbook Summary  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
      pdfFinancial Overview  
      pdfTIC Till  
      pdfGrant Application HEALS Christmas  
      pdfCloister Gardens Evacuation  
      pdfPerforming Arts at MTH  
      pdfRenting Old School Room Office  
      pdfCitizen of the Year & Annual Town Mtg  
  04/12/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfCross Hayes Toilets  pdfMinutes
      pdfTown Clerk Mobile Phone  
      pdfMalmesbury in Bloom Planters  
      pdfAnnual Budget & Precept  
      pdfMTC Budget Proposal  
      pdfNeighbourhood Plan  
  09/10/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1 Climate Emergency  pdfMinutes
      pdfOverview Report No 2  
      pdfFinance report Detailed Balance Sheet Ex Stock Movement  
      pdfFinance report Detailed Income Exp by Budget Heading  
      pdfFinance Report Bank Reconciliation  
      pdfReport 3 Annual Budget Preliminary Consideration  
      pdfECP Policy Draft  
      pdfFWG Update Oct19  
      pdfConstitution of the MFWG  
  04/09/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  10/07/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  05/06/2019 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
  02/04/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  13/03/2019 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfChristmas Closure  
      pdfMayoral Robes  
      pdfSt Aldhelm's Fair  
      pdfElectronic Banking  
      pdfReserves Policy  
  06/02/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfSignage Cloister Gardens  
  04/12/2018 pdfAgenda pdfParking at Parklands  pdfMinutes
      pdfParklands Map 1  
      pdfParklands Map 2  
      pdfEmail Facilities for Councillors  
      pdfChristmas Closure  
      pdfDraft Budget 2019/2020  
  09/10/2018 pdfAgenda pdfFinance Report  pdfMinutes
  04/09/2018 pdfAgenda pdfPersonnel sub-committee meeting  pdfMinutes
      pdfCommunity Issues  
      pdfHaze Machine  
      pdfBalance Sheet  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
      pdfBusiness Plan Report  
      pdfBusiness Plan  
  11/07/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfBudget Variations  
      pdfUse of Town Hall  
      pdfCommunity Orchard  
      pdfPlaying Parks W/Party  
  06/06/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure (YE)  pdfMinutes
      pdfIncome & Expenditure (30th May)  
      pdfRequest from C&TP  
      pdfReplacement Projector  
      pdfDocument Retention Report  
      pdfDocument Retention Policy  
      pdfRetention Policy App A  
      pdfIT System Updates  
      pdfFirst Aid Training  
      pdfInternal Audit  
      pdfBalance Sheet  
  01/05/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  03/04/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfSingle Use Plastic  
      pdfMember Respresentative  
  07/02/2018 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfMarket Cross Pigeons  
      pdfGeneral Data Protection Regs.  
      pdfCleaning Charges for the Town Hall  
  05/12/2017 pdfAgenda pdfWiltshire Challenges  pdfMinutes
      pdfFilands Fencing  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
  10/10/2017 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfCIL Receipts  
      pdfMarket Cross Survey  
      pdfVariation of Fees  
  05/09/2017 pdfAgenda pdfEmergency Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfPlay Area Leases  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
  18/07/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfIll Health Retirement  pdfMinutes
      pdfLawn Mowers  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
  07/06/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfMarquee Purchase  pdfMinutes
      pdfInternal Audit Report  
      pdfDetailed Balances  
      pdfDetailed Income & Expenditure  
  09/05/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  04/04/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfPlay Areas  pdfMinutes
      pdfLive Arts  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
      pdfHeating Repairs  
      pdfElectronic Banking Controls  
      pdfChristmas Closure  
  08/02/2017 pdfAgenda pdfDetailed Balance Sheet  pdfMinutes
      pdfBanking Arrangements  
      pdfChristmas Lights  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
  06/12/2016 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfTown Clerk Statement  
      pdfEarmarked Reserves  
      pdfExternal Audit  
      pdfStation Yard  
  11/10/2016 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfIncome & Expenditure 1a  
      pdfPresentation of Finance of Information  
      pdfLocal Government Finance Settlement  
  06/09/2016 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfBudget Pressures  
  13/07/2016 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
      pdfBalances & Reserves  
      pdfNotice Boards  
  17/05/2016 pdfAgenda pdfAccounts  
      pdfAudit Report  
      pdfAnnual Return  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
  13/04/201 pdfAgenda pdfParking Spaces  pdfMinutes
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
      pdfBoiler Flue  
  16/02/2016 pdfAgenda pdfStone Walls  pdfMinutes
  12/01/2016 pdfAgenda pdfTown Crier  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
      pdfChristmas Closure  
  01/12/2015 pdfAgenda pdfInc & Exp  pdfMinutes
      pdfDraft Budget Calculation 16/17  
      pdfBudget report 16/17  
  13/10/2015 pdfAgenda pdfPersonnel Sub Committee  pdfMinutes
      pdfInc & Exp  
      pdfBudget Pressures  
      pdfStonework Repairs  
      pdfExternal Auditor  
  21/07/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfCo Option Process  pdfMinutes
      pdfLGPS Employers Discretion Policy  
      pdfPension Scheme Discretion Policy  
      pdfExplanation of each discretion  
      pdfRepairs to Town Hall  
      pdfIncome & Expenditure  
  09/06/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfAnnual Return  pdfMinutes
      pdfCover report  
      pdfChanges to meeting dates  
      pdfInternal Audit  
      pdfFinance Report  
      pdfPetty Cash  
      pdfEvents Petty Cash  
      pdfNat West Rec  
      pdfMayor Making Report  
  12/05/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  07/04/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfReport 2  
      pdfReport 3  
      pdfReport 4  
  10/03/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfReport 2  
  17/02/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfReport 2  
      pdfReport 3  
      pdfReport 4  
  13/01/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfReport 2  
  03/12/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfReport 2  
       pdfCore Budget  
      pdfReport 4  
      pdfC&TP Budget 14/15  
      pdfP&E Budget 14/15  
      pdfTH&F Budget  
      pdfTotal Summary Budget  
  11/11/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
  14/10/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
  17/09/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
      pdfReport 2  
      pdfReport 3  
      pdfReport 4  
      pdfReport 5  
      pdfReport 6  
      pdfReport 7  
  20/08/2014 pdfAgenda    
  08/07/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
  10/06/2014  pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  
      pdfReport 2  
      pdfReport 3  
      pdfReport 4  
      pdfReport 5  
  08/04/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport2  
  11/03/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes 
  04/02/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1  pdfMinutes 
  07/01/2013         Cancelled
  12/12/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes 
  05/11/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes
  08/10/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes 
  13/08/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes 
  11/06/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes 

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