Full Council meet together approximately every month. As with all council meetings, these are meetings held in the council chamber to which all members of the public are invited.

Full Council meetings are attended by all councillors and are normally intended as meetings to ratify the minutes of all other council committee meetings and to discuss topics that impact the entire council. These include the following matters.

  • Precepting a rate
  • Borrowing money
  • Making, amending or revoking Standing Orders, Financial Regulations or Duties and Powers and Proper Office Provisions
  • Making, amending or revoking Bye Laws
  • Making of Orders under any statutory powers
  • Important matters of principle or policy that have been referred directly by committees or officers
  • Prosecution or defence in a court of law

The Full Council is chaired by the Town Mayor, Cllr. Julie Exton.  The voting membership of the Full Council comprises:

  1. Cllr. Catherine Doody
  2. Cllr. Julie Exton (Mayor)
  3. Cllr. Gavin Grant
  4. Cllr. John Gundry 
  5. Cllr. Kim Power
  6. Cllr. Wayne Jones 
  7. Cllr. Fran Vandelli 
  8. Cllr. Phil Exton
  9. Cllr. Campbell Ritchie (Deputy Mayor)
  10. Cllr. Paul Smith
  11. Cllr. Catherine Burke
  12. Cllr. Helen Wallace
  13. Cllr. Carys Hardwick
  14. Cllr. David Rogers

Meetings typically commence at 7pm and are held in the Malting Hall unless otherwise stated.

To contact the committee, please contact our Committee Clerk.

A calendar including dates of future meetings may be found in Committee Meetings.

Please see below for Meeting Agendas, Reports and Minutes:


Date Agenda Reports Minutes
26/02/2020 pdf*Agenda    
18/02/2020 pdfAgenda    
21/01/2020 pdfAgenda    pdfDRAFT Minutes
17/12/2019 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1a pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 1b  
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfAppendix A  
    pdfReport 3  
26/11/2019 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1 pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
    pdfReport 4  
    pdfReport 5  
29/10/2019 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
03/10/2019 *pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
24/09/2019 *pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
23/07/2019  pdfAgenda  pdfRisk Management Register  pdfMinutes
    pdfAnnual Service Delivery Plan 2019-20  
    pdfReport 1 Review of Annual Town mtg & Citizen of Year Awards  
    pdfReport 2 Wiltshire Local Plan & Mals Neighbourhood Plan  
25/06/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
18/06/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1 Town Crier  pdfMinutes
07/05/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
23/04/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
26/03/2019 pdfAgenda pdfReport to request to use Town Coat of Arms  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport on funding Mals Bowls Club  
    pdfReport on updating MTC Website  
19/02/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1 MTC Draft Business Plan Appendix 5  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2 To agree a new Reserves Policy  
22/01/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
18/12/2018 pdfAgenda  pdfBudget Report 2019/2020  pdfMinutes
    pdfSound & Lighting Report  
27/11/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
23/10/2018 pdfAgenda pdfGreat Western Way Tourism  pdfMinutes
25/09/2018 pdfAgenda pdfMarket Cross Pedestrianisation  pdfMinutes
    pdfElectoral Boundary Changes  
    pdfElectoral Boundary Map  
    pdfElectoral Briefing Note  
    pdfElectoral Review Information  
24/07/2018 pdfAgenda  pdfSingle Use Plastics  pdfMinutes
19/06/2018 pdfAgenda pdfAnnual Governance & Accountability Return Report  pdfMinutes
    pdfAnnual Governance & Accountability Return 2017/18  
    pdfNotice of Public Rights  
    pdfCash & Investment Reconciliation  
    pdfExplanation of Variances  
    pdfDraft Internal Report 2017/18  
     pdfBank Statements  
     pdfContact Details  
    pdfDocument Retention & Disposal Report  
    pdfDocument Retention & Disposal Policy  
    pdfAppendix A Retention Policy  
    pdfData Protection Policy & Privacy Notices Report  
    pdfData Protection Policy  
    pdfEmail Contact Privacy Notice  
     pdfHirers Privacy Notice  
    pdfWork to Athelstan Museum Report  
01/05/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
24/04/2018 pdfAgenda    
27/03/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
13/03/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
20/02/2018 pdfAgenda pdfRequest for Virement  
23/01/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
19/12/2017 pdfAgenda pdfDraft Budget pdfMinutes
21/11/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
24/10/2017 pdfAgenda pdfCar Parking Survey  pdfMinutes
    pdfPurchase of Queenie  
    pdfFuture of Joint Burial Committee  
26/09/2017 pdfAgenda pdfRequest from RAF  pdfMinutes
    pdfRe-scheduling of TH & F Meetings  
    pdfCATG Update  
25/07/2017 pdfAgenda pdfRobes  pdfMinutes
20/06/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
*13/06/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
09/05/2017 pdfAgenda pdfOutside Bodies  pdfMinutes
    pdfMeeting Dates  
    pdfCo Option Process  
25/04/2017 pdfAgenda pdfCloister Gardens  pdfMinutes
    pdfHare Video  
28/03/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
21/02/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfCommunication  pdfMinutes
24/01/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
20/12/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfBalloon Flight  pdfMinutes
    pdfAmended Comms Policy  
    pdfProposed Budget  
22/11/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfWilt Ass of Local Councils AGM  pdfMinutes
    pdfOperational Flood Working Grp (North) Mtg  
    pdfWiltshire Market Towns Networking Event  
25/10/2016 pdfAgenda pdfCATG Report  pdfMinutes
27/09/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfTown Team request pdfMinutes
    pdfRiverside Arts Project  
    pdfCommunications Policy  
26/07/2016 pdfAgenda pdfBurnham House  pdfMinutes
    pdfMarket Towns Networking Event  
21/06/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfCATG Report  pdfMinutes
03/05/2016 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
26/04/2016 pdfAgenda pdfParking Spaces  pdfMinutes
29/03/2016 pdfAgenda pdfNewsletters  pdfMinutes
    pdfCar Parking  
23/02/2016 pdfAgenda pdfFriendship Agreement  
    pdfParking Days  
26/01/2016 pdfAgenda pdfUse of Mace  pdfMinutes
15/12/2015 pdfAgenda pdfBudget  pdfMinutes
    pdfRequest for use of Town Crest  
24/11/2015 pdfAgenda pdfLocal Youth Network  pdfMinutes
27/10/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
29/09/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfNeighbourhood Steering Group  pdfMinutes
16/09/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
25/08/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
28/07/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfCo-option process  pdfMinutes
23/06/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
12/05/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
05/05/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 2  
21/04/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1 pdfap 1  pdfMinutes
                      pdfap 2  
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
    pdfReport 4  
    pdfReport 5  
    pdfReport 6  
    pdfReport 7    
    pdfReport 8  
    pdfApplication for Grant  
    pdfApplication for Grant  
    pdfApplication for Grant  
    pdfApplication for Grant  
    pdfApplication accounts  
    pdfApplication Accounts  
24/03/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
24/02/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
27/01/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
    pdfReport 4  
16/12/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 2  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 1  
    pdfCore Budget 15/16  
    pdfC & TP Budget 15/16  
    pdfP & E Budget 15/16  
    pdfSpecial Projects 15/16  
    pdfSummary Budget  
    pdfTH & F Budget 15/16  
    pdfUnitary Councillor Report  
25/11/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
21/10/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
09/10/2014* pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
23/09/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 2  pdfMinutes
    pdfAnnexe-Report 2  
    pdfReport 3  
    pdfReport 4  
22/07/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
 24/06/2014  pdfAgenda
 13/05/2014 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 06/05/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
 29/04/2014  pdfAgenda pdfMeeting Dates 2014-15  
    pdfReport 1  
    pdfReport 2  
 25/03/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
    pdfCllr. Poole Letter  
    pdfCllr. Power Letter  
 25/02/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes 
 21/01/2014 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 17/12/2013 pdfAgenda pdfBudget 2014-5 Report pdfMinutes
    pdfMain Budget 2014-5  
    pdfCore Budget 2014-5 Pg 1   
    pdfCore Budget 2014-5 Pg 2  
 26/11/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes 
 29/10/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes
 07/10/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 24/09/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 27/08/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
 13/08/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 09/07/2013 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1 pdfMinutes 
 28/05/2013 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1  pdfMinutes

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